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Let me tell you a story…


That’s what I do, every day. It is said that after someone spends 10,000 hours on any topic, they would be considered a master. Writing stories with precious metals is how I spent my 10,000 plus hours. It has helped me meet many inspiring people on different continents, mainly in Europe and the USA.


We listened to each other, continuously exchanging the cycle of give and receive. It served as a natural filter, the topics we chose to embrace. In time, friends started to call me the Goldsmith of Words, which is a title I fell in love with and decided to use it in my logo, for my own ego, and for the people that got to know me through my art.


Ego became the center of my work and I spent most of my time on the layers of it. My early works of ego would be described as naïve and wild. The gold represented the naïve and the dark silver was the wild side. After a while, I realized I should tap into the concept with another phrase, “Embrace your shadow or it will kill you.” There came a point where that expression felt too rigid and pointy to me. I tamed it a little and started exploring the deeper levels of my artistic understanding. I would dream of angels, devils, sub atomic particles, and skulls then imagine how I would forge them, trying to describe emotions, conflicts, or both. I would create dangerous animals and poisonous flowers of the world to incorporate into my art.


The more I learned about myself and developed my artistic style, the more people were intrigued. As I mentioned, it started to form a very natural filter that would draw people who are on the same page in their life as me. We grew day by day, some became more successful, and some lost their business. My jewelry transformed with the ebb and flow of my journey and experiences with the souls that danced in and out of my life. Jewelry was the media that allowed us to meet.


My jewelry continues to evolve with my life’s story, passion drives me and a need to express my words through forged metal and precious stones. I hope you are intrigued.

Welcome to our world!

Alp Sagnak

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