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a chain by a jeweler

in this collection I see Atom as ones self.

Electron represents the wild side , Proton as the naive side, 

and Neutron as a steady side. 

My quest for explaining my Egos continues.

As I am getting older, I am finding meanings in the simplest of things, the basics.

 I feel I am learning myself to my core as the years go by. 

I covered so many topics during my career:  love, sex, self, existence, lack of existence, math, feelings, betrayals, nuclei, artificial intelligence, anatomy, etc.


It came to a point, I became one with my motto 

- Embrace your Shadow or it will kill you -


"Nothing exists except Atoms and Empty Space;

everything else is an opinion". 


TheATOM is made in 14K gold 


each bracelet and necklace is a continuous bond of the atoms 

the neutron is represented with one white diamond on one side and with a black diamond, ruby or a blue sapphire on the other.

It is designed to give you two looks as it is reversible 


You can purchase TheATOM in white, rose and yellow gold and in 7,9,16,18,20,22,24 inches and in two different thicknesses 

6 & 8 mm 


When you visit the website please change the length of the desired thickness to create your layers and sets .

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