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ALP SAGNAK Jewelry Travel Bags are finally here 


Our Genuine Leather Jewelry bags are the best for keeping your jewelry like brand-new and organized.





Genuine leather jewelry bag with gold lettering "ALP SAGNAK" on top.  Zipper closure and multiple compartments to organize and prevent tangling or damaging of your jewelry.  


On the bottom of the box there are 7 dividers for rings and 4 dividers for bracelets/necklaces.  On the top of the box there is an elastic pocket that you can be used for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings.  Above the elastic pocket there are three hooks which can be used for rings or placement of a necklace/bracelets to be secured and allow the rest of to be stored in the elastic pocket.  


**Note all compartments can serve a variety of purposes to meet each individuals needs. 

Easy to carry and fits perfect to your luggage, tote bag, purse and keeps all your jewelry tidy. 


We spend a lot of time making your jewelry look nice and shiny. This bag will help you keep them like they are brand-new!!


with love 

Alp Sagnak

Alp Sagnak Jewelry Travel Bag Organizer

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